Counseling Center


WellTrack App

WellTrack is an interactive self-help app to support your mental health and well-being. Based on cognitive-behavioral approaches, the app focuses on three primary concerns: Anxiety/Stress, Depression, and Public Speaking.

WellTrack provides the following features:

  • Take wellness assessments that rate your depression, anxiety, and stress and track your progress in each of these areas.
  • Use WellTrack’s moodcheck feature to track your mood and better understand how your activities, social network, and environment affect how you feel.
  • Take advantage of WellTrack’s online educational videos for each primary concern
  • Apply what you have learned from the cognitively-based courses and several tools, including Activity Scheduler, Thought Diary, Fun Achievement, and the Zen Room.

WellTrack can be found in the Appstore or Google Play. UMD students can register using their UMD email.