Counseling Center

Response to Anti-Racism Group Flyer

We have received helpful feedback on a promotional flyer for a new group at our Counseling Center, and we are discontinuing use of this flyer. We are also open to changing the name of the group.

We agree with the feedback that the flyer was not clear enough in conveying the fact that the purpose of this group is to promote anti-racism and becoming a better ally. We didn’t choose the right words for the flyer, and we are going to incorporate the feedback we have received into a revision of it. Again, we will discontinue use of the current flyer.

This is an incredibly difficult, nuanced issue, and that’s the reason we need to discuss it. The aim of this group is to help White students become more culturally competent, so they can better participate in creating a more inclusive environment at the University of Maryland. This group is based on research and best practices, and we believe in it.

Noah Collins,
Ph.D. Staff Psychologist

Sharon Kirkland-Gordon,
Ph.D., Director