Learning Assistance Service

Services For Special Populations

Services For Special Populations

The Learning Assistance Service recognizes that different populations of students have unique needs, concerns, and perspectives.

Graduate Students

Graduate students at the University of Maryland are eligible to seek academic coaching to discuss issues such as time management, procrastination, and writing. A Dissertation Support Group is offered through the Counseling Center to provide support for students who are completing dissertations and theses.

View Graduate Student Handouts and Resources

Undocumented Students

Undocumented students face a unique set of academic, social, and emotional challenges. Undocumented students at the University of Maryland are encouraged to seek academic coaching to learn how to manage their time and the demands of their courses, apply efficient learning strategies, and enhance their study habits. Students are encouraged to take advantage of the full range of services provided including workshops and study tables, Guided Study Sessions, and Peer Assisted Learning.

For comprehensive resources for University of Maryland undocumented students, please go to the Undocumented Student Resources Website.

Nontraditional Students (25 and older)

The concerns of individuals who have been away from school for some period of time are not the same as those of the traditional college freshman. Nontraditional students are encouraged to schedule an academic coaching appointment with an LAS coach to discuss the transition to the university and to develop effective study strategies. View and download a list of important website resources (pdf).

There are scholarships available to help adult students address their unique financial needs.

Scholarships for Nontraditional Students

Academic Probation/Academically Dismissed Students

Students who are on academic probation or have been academically dismissed, may be unsure what to do next. Students are encouraged to visit the Learning Assistance Service to discuss ways to improve their academic performance, to get assistance with their letter for reinstatement, and to learn about available resources. View information and instructions on scheduling an appointment.

Some campus resources are listed below.

Counseling Center

Student Success

Academic Advising
Go to the Advising Office for the college or school in which you are currently enrolled. View the full list of colleges and schools.

Academic Policies

Transfer Students

Students who transfer to the University of Maryland from other institutions are encouraged to enroll in EDCP108G: The Transfer Student in the University. Transfer students may also schedule an academic coaching appointment with an LAS counselor to discuss the transition to the university and to develop effective study strategies.

Transfer students may use services offered through Transfer and Off-Campus Student Life.