Consultation Appointment

Disability services in higher education can be different from those provided to students with disabilities in kindergarten through the 12th grade. Some accommodations that were appropriate for primary and secondary education may not be reasonable or appropriate in colleges and universities. ADS will meet with prospective students prior to their applying to the University of Maryland or following their admission to Maryland to discuss our services and to answer relevant disability-related questions. If you would like to meet with an ADS counselor to discuss your situation and/or get answers to your questions about eligibility and reasonable accommodations at the University of Maryland, please contact the Accessibility and Disability Service at (301) 314-7682 or to schedule a consultation appointment.

Registration Process

In order to receive requested academic accommodations through the Accessibility and Disability Service, a student with a documented disability must:

1. Schedule an Appointment
Students are responsible for scheduling an appointment with ADS well in advance of needed accommodation. Registration appointments can be scheduled by calling the ADS office at 301-314-7682.

2. Provide Documentation

  • Students who are seeking reasonable accommodations must provide supporting documentation that demonstrates how their disability limits their participation in courses, programs, services, jobs, activities, and/or access to facilities at the University.
  • Documentation of the disability should be relevant and current and from appropriate professionals who are credentialed to diagnose the student’s particular disability.
  • The type of required documentation will vary depending on the nature of the disability and accommodations requested.
  • Documentation must be submitted for review prior to the face-to-face registration meeting.

3. Attend a Face-to Face Registration Interview with an ADS Counselor
Once a contact is made with ADS to schedule an appointment, and all supporting documentation has been submitted, an ADS counselor will engage the student in an interactive process to determine whether the student is qualified to receive services and eligible for the specific requested accommodation(s).

Students must attend a registration interview and complete all registration materials in order to receive accommodations.