Requesting Service Providers

DHHS is able to schedule the following types of providers:

Sign Language Interpreters
A trained professional who uses sign language to facilitate communication through interpretation and/or transliteration

They are expected to “voice” what is signed and sign auditory messages. Interpreters are bound by the Code of Conduct through the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID).

A trained professional who provides speech to text services in real-time through specialized software

The real-time transcript can be viewed through a web browser on a reader device such as a laptop or tablet. Most DHHS transcribers use TypeWell (TW); TW transcribers are bound by the TypeWell’s Transcribers Code of Ethics.

Cued Speech Transliterators
A trained professional who uses a visual mode of communication that uses hand shapes and placements in combination with the mouth movements of speech to facilitate communication

**The DHHS Coordinator must be informed of all requests. Please do not arrange for service providers on your own.**

For Ongoing Classes
You must be registered with Accessibility and Disability Service and have a service provider accommodation in order to submit a request. Please submit all service provider requests for classes at least 6 weeks in advance via email to when possible. The DHHS coordinator typically sends out a request to all students with providers to submit their schedules in order for the office to begin scheduling. Submitting your schedule in advance increases the chances of finding a consistent qualified interpreter from the start of the semester as well as scheduling a preferred provider.

Please include the following information in your request or provide a copy of your Testudo schedule.

  • Class Name (ex. PSYC 100)
  • Section number
  • Location (Building and Room)
  • Type of Service (Sign Language, Transcription, etc.)

For Classroom-Related Requests
Please fill out the Service Provider Request Form (.doc) and submit it via email to, preferably 2 weeks in advance. Please note on the form or in the email which class the request is for.
Some examples of classroom-related requests include:

  • Meetings with instructor or teaching assistant
  • Advising appointment
  • Review session
  • Class field trip
  • Required attendance at an out of class event

For Non-Classroom-Related Requests
Please contact the sponsoring department or program to request an interpreter or transcriber. The sponsoring department should submit the Service Provider Request Form (.doc) to DHHS on your behalf. If you are unsure who the event sponsor is to contact please contact DHHS for assistance. After making your request known to the event sponsor/contact, please inform DHHS so they know to expect a request and can follow up to ensure services are provided.

Some examples of non-classroom-related requests include:

  • Comedy Show
  • Non-classroom-related or required lecture/event on campus
  • Student group or club event/meeting
  • Counseling Session
  • Career Fair or appointment with career center

Campus Departments/ Organizations

For all interpreter and transcriber requests, please fill out the Service Provider Request Form (.doc) and submit it via email to, preferably 2 weeks in advance.

Helpful Tips for filling out the form

  • The person filling out the form or department is the requestor
  • The client is the person needing the interpreter/transcriber, if there is no specific client please write General Audience
  • The language preference field is a drop down menu, if possible ask the client if they prefer ASL, PSE, Cued Speech, or transcription (select Captioning Services for transcription).
  • You only need to list a preferred provider if you have a specific interpreter or transcriber in mind you would like. We are unable to guarantee preferred providers.
  • In the ‘helpful info’ section it is useful to provide additional details such as information about the client (such as prospective student or event attendee), event website, or other important details.
  • Please supply your KFS number where the FRS number is requested.

Feel free to contact the DHHS Coordinator if you would like a cost estimate or have any questions prior to submitting the form. Once you email the form we will confirm receipt of your request and determine if any additional information may be needed. After we have confirmed the service provider(s) we will email the requestor a confirmation.

All service provider requests must be canceled at least three full business days in advance of the event to avoid charges.

Campus Affiliates
Please follow the steps listed under the Campus Departments tab. If you do not have a KFS (Kuali) account number we can provide you an invoice and you can pay by check.