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Checklist for Successful Math Student

Do you have a positive attitude about math and your ability to be successful in math?

Do you attend every class, arriving on time and staying for the entire class?

Do you preview each lesson in the textbook prior to the class?

Do you take detailed, legible notes capturing the process as well as the steps?

Do you complete textbook problems and check your answers?

Do you successfully complete WebAssign, if applicable?

Do you analyze returned quizzes and tests for more than incorrect answers?

Do you have the course syllabus and all notes, handouts, quizzes, and assignments organized for easy access?

Do you review your class notes, textbook material, and assignments regularly?

Do you take advantage of campus resources such as instructor/TA office hours, Math Department tutoring, Math Success Program tutoring, OMSE tutoring, or the Learning Assistance Service?

Are you focused on the math lesson during class -- that is, NOT sending/reading text messages, talking, doing other course work, daydreaming, sleeping, eating, listening to music, etc.?

Do you study math (including homework completion, reading the textbook, and reviewing class notes) for at least 7 hours each week?

Do you earn your desired grade on quizzes/tests after preparing well?

Do you start studying for a math test at least one week before the test?

Do you complete practice tests under exam conditions?

Final Score ____

How To Use Score
40 - 45 Give yourself an A. Excellent work!
You are implementing the strategies necessary to be a successful math student.
34 - 39 Give yourself a B. Good work!
You are implementing most of the strategies necessary to be a successful math student.
28 - 33 Give yourself a C. So-so work.
You are implementing some of the strategies necessary to be a successful math student.
Below 28 You are probably struggling with math.
Utilize campus resources to help build your math skills.