Learning Assistance Service

Learning Assistance Service

Learning Assistance Service

The Learning Assistance Service (LAS) is the academic support unit of the University Counseling Center. LAS exists to help students achieve their academic goals by providing a range of services. Through collaboration with other campus partners we provide innovative and supportive services to help all UM students achieve success in college and life.

Our primary goals are to help you strengthen your skills and improve your academic performance. Our dedicated staff is here to help you understand yourself as a learner, manage the demand of your courses and apply appropriate learning strategies.

All LAS services are free to University of Maryland students.

To schedule an appointment online, visit the LAS online database for appointments and registration website and login using your Directory ID and password.

What We Have To Offer

Why Students Visit Us

  • You're getting B's and you want to get A's.
  • You're attending class regularly but you are missing important things the professor is saying.
  • You've been putting in enough time studying, but you're not getting the grades you want on exams.
  • You're concerned about completing all the reading for your classes.
  • You did well in high school but don't understand why you are not succeeding now.
  • You're on probation and want to learn better strategies so you can get off probation.
  • You feel like you don't have enough time to get everything done.
  • You're having difficulty in your math classes.
  • You have trouble finishing test in the time allowed.
  • You're a great student and want to help others succeed in their courses.

Our Mission

LAS supports the University of Maryland's mission by:

  • Fostering the education, critical thinking and intellectual growth of UM students.
  • Helping students develop personal and academic strategies, positive attitudes toward learning and self, and behaviors which empower them to be successful in college and life.

Kimberly Bethea, Ph.D. Kimberly Bethea, Ph.D.
Assistant Director, Counseling Center; Director, Learning Assistance Service

Academic History: Ph.D., 2003, Curriculum & Instruction/Mathematics Education, University of Maryland; M.S., 1994, Mathematics, Howard University; B.S., 1992, Mathematics, Jackson State University
Professional Interests: transition from high school to college, college student success, professional development, learning strategies
Personal Interests: Spending time with family and friends, reading

Megan Bergandy, M.Ed. Megan Bergandy, M.Ed.
Math Learning Specialist
(301) 314-7701

Academic History: MEd., 2013, Professional Studies-Teaching and Learning, Marymount University; B.A., 1999, French/Certificate in Translation, University of Pittsburgh
Professional Interests: math learning, math anxiety, college student success programs/workshops and their efficacy
Personal Interests: spending time with family, ice skating, playing the piano, reading, fixing up our house

Shirley Browner, M.Ed. Shirley Browner, M.Ed.
Educational Skills Counselor
(301) 314-7702

Academic History: M.Ed., 1977, Reading, University of Maryland; B.S., 1959, Education, Boston University
Professional Interests: Provides support for students in reading/writing intensive courses; general study skills, including time management and note-taking and for students in probationary or dismissal status.
Personal Interests: Spending time with family and friends, reading, attending conferences and workshops for professional development, and writing poetry for special occasions

Beverly R. Greenfeig, M.Ed. Beverly R. Greenfeig, M.Ed.
Educational Skills Counselor
(301) 314-7698

Academic History: M.Ed., 1966, Counseling, Temple University; B.A., 1964, Liberal Arts, Temple University
Professional Interests: Individual educational counseling, leading workshops, teaching learning skills classes, working with transfer students, returning students, and students in academic difficulty
Personal Interests: spending time with friends and family, traveling, reading, attending educational programs, and participating in community volunteer activities.

Yanira Pacheco Yanira Pacheco
Counselor/GSS Coordinator
(301) 405-3318

Academic History: B.A., 1994, Public Communication, University of Puerto Rico
Professional Interests: supplemental instruction, tutoring, peer mentors, college experience of sophomore students, first generation students, learning communities, and student organization advising
Personal Interests: Gardening, reading, movies

Aurín Agramonte Aurín Agramonte
Guided Study Sessions Graduate Assistant
(301) 314-5919

Academic History: B.A., 2012, Educational Studies and Spanish Literature, Swarthmore College
Professional Interests: public policy; issues related to low-income minority communities; mental health access
Personal Interests: science fiction books and shows; volunteering; Netflix; reading memoirs

Katie Koo Katie Koo
Academic Skills Assistant
(301) 314-7699

Academic History: Ph.D., 2016 (Expected), Student Affairs, University of Maryland; M.A., 2009, Counseling Psychology, New York University; M.A., 2005, Counseling, Michigan State University
Professional Interests: advising and counseling graduate students; psychological well-being of Asian American students; impact of college environments and collegiate experiences on students’ well-being; international students’ acculturation and adjustment
Personal Interests: having quality time with family, exercising, swimming, singing, playing the piano, exploring unique cafes

Margie Kuhn Margie Kuhn
Administrative Assistant II
(301) 314-7690

Academic History: B.A., 1985, Art, The Catholic University of America
Professional Interests: early childhood and college student development, academic success
Personal Interests: family, distance running and training, puppy training and development

Mark Montgomery Mark Montgomery
Math Learning Assistant
(301) 314-7696

Academic History: B.S., 2010, General Biology & Secondary Education, University of Maryland
Professional Interests: Teaching math study skills courses; epidemiology
Personal Interests: reading science fiction books, cooking, and watching sit-coms

Rajni Sharma Rajni Sharma
Academic Skills Assistant
(301) 314-8404

Academic History: B.S., 2010, Psychology, Towson University
Professional Interests: multicultural counseling competencies; covert and overt forms of oppression, critical consciousness; research dissemination strategies with community members
Personal Interests: spending time with friends and family, hiking, live music, reading, writing

LAS Hours

Monday through Friday
8:30 am - 4:30 pm


Shoemaker Building
Room 2202
4281 Chapel Lane
University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20740

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