University of Maryland Counseling Center

Office of Vice President for Student Affairs

University of Maryland


Pre-Doctoral Internship Program
In Counseling Psychology
Accredited by the American Psychological Association

Note: The University of Maryland Counseling Center Doctoral Internship webpages are listed below. You can download, view, and print any or all of these pages, including instuctions for how to apply through the APPIC website. When printing, remember that one webpage often results in more than one (sometimes many) printed pages.

The Counseling Center offers many thanks to Amy Cauffman for her considerable contribution to the design of these Internship webpages.

University of Maryland Counseling Center
Doctoral Internship Information
and Application Webpages

Page 1 - Cover Page
Page 2 - Letter to Applicants
Page 3 - Internship Flyer
Page 4 - The Agency
Page 5 - The Internship Program
Page 6 - Application Requirements
Page 7 - Appointment Details
Page 8 - Counseling Center Staff
Page 9 - Instructions for APPIC APPI Online
Page 10 - Message to Applicants
Page 11 - Primary Training Staff
Page 12 - Summary Data - Intern and Training Staff
Page 13 - University of Maryland Interns