University of Maryland Counseling Center

Counseling Service

The Counseling Service is the oldest and largest division of the Counseling Center. Currently staffed by 12 permanent counselors, two temporary part-time counselors, and four doctoral interns, the Counseling Service is the largest mental health facility on campus. All services are free and strictly confidential. Our services include:

  • individual, group, and couples counseling/psychotherapy
  • help for both personal/social issues and educational/vocational concerns
  • intake and emergency appointments
  • Walk-In Hours for:
    • students of color
    • lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered (LGBT) students
    • students seeking to choose a major
    • student veterans
    • student athletes (coming soon)
  • crisis management
  • consultation and outreach
  • psychological, personality, and career interest testing
  • off-campus referrals

One of the hallmarks of the Counseling Service, and the Center as a whole, is its commitment to diversity, both in our staff composition and the programs we offer.