University of Maryland Counseling Center

Crisis Management Team

The Crisis Management Team (CMT) is a campus group available to deal with the psychological responses of individuals and agencies dealing with traumatic situations. All members of the CMT have been trained in Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM), and many have had addtional crisis training through the Red Cross.

The CMT is an arm of the campus' Incident Response Team and is activated by the Vice President for Student Affairs. The members of the Crisis Management Team come primarily from the Counseling Center's Counseling Service. Other members work with the Department of Public Safety or as part of the Chaplain Corps. The CMT is headed by Dr. Jonathan Kandell, Assistant Director at the Counseling Center responsible for the Counseling Service.

The CMT can help:

  1. assess the needs of a situation
  2. suggest appropriate services / actions
  3. conduct crisis defusings and/or debriefings
  4. suggest follow-up steps

Handout of all Counseling Center crisis services