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Career Counseling Services

A normal part of your development in college is identifying who you are in relation to a future career. You can get help with this process at the Counseling Center. Knowing how your personality, values, interests, and priorities relate to your professional future is important to making successful career decisions, whether you are choosing/changing your academic major, seeking a career direction, considering your first professional job, or thinking about graduate school.

Baffled about what career you want after graduation? Come to the Career Discovery Zone, a series of workshops to help you get moving on your career future.

Need to find a (new) major that really fits you? Use Majors Walk-In or register for a career class.

Need to improve your chances of getting into a Limited Enrollment Major (LEP)? Boost your academic success skills..

Want to identify careers best suited to you? Meet with a counselor and determine if career interest and personality tests will help or try a career class for juniors/seniors

SIGI 3 helps students choose majors and create career plans which are "right" for them. Once you have been oriented to SIGI by a counselor in the Counseling Service, you can work at your own pace from any computer, knowing your information is secure and confidential. To get oriented and register for SIGI 3, attend Majors Walk-In or meet with a counselor.
Already registered? On the next page, please verify that you have been authorized by a counselor to use SIGI 3 by entering your UMD Directory ID and password.

Whatever your career concerns, career counseling at the Counseling Center
is a good place to start. Call 301-314-7651.