University of Maryland Counseling Center

International Students Group

As exciting as it may be for students to leave their home countries to study in the United States, exposure to a new culture and lack of familiarity with local behaviors and customs can complicate the process of adjusting to university life and achieving academic goals. Many international students who are not native English speakers struggle to understand and communicate with professors and other students. Unfamiliarity with U.S. social norms may make interactions with North American students confusing. The Counseling Center's International Student Group provides a place each week for international students to meet other students who are adjusting to the United States and the university, learn from each other about adjusting to a new culture, share information, and practice speaking English. The group meets with a Counseling Center counselor for one hour every week throughout the semester. Students who would like to participate in this group may contact Dr. Yi-Jiun Lin at or call the Counseling Center at (301) 314-7651.