University of Maryland Counseling Center

Counseling for Faculty/Staff

Although the Counseling Center's primary mission is to provide assistance to registered student on the campus, the Center does allow faculty and staff members to be seen for counseling on a limited basis. All faculty and staff can be seen for an initial evaluation session, or "Intake." During the Intake the counselor can help you think through the issues and to suggest possible next steps. The Center has an extensive referral network of off-campus providers, and can give you several names if further counseling is necessary.

There are three other circumstances in which campus faculty and staff members (or their partners) can be seen:

Fee E-V Counseling
Fee E-V Counseling consists of an Intake and up to four additional sessions of career counseling. This service costs $125 for faculty and staff ($200 for the general public) and includes any personality and interest testing that the counselor feels is appropriate.

Services for Employees who have been Laid-off
In conjunction with the campus' office of Human Resources, the Counseling Center is able to provide an Intake and up to four sessions of counseling. The purpose of these sessions is to help in the process of transition out of the university, and to assist in the consideration of future plans.

Services for Partners of New Faculty Members
The Counseling Center is available for services to aid in the transition of partners of new faculty members who have moved here from outside the area. Services can include help with issues around transition, career counseling, and any other issues that arise from the situation. These partners are eligible for an Intake and three additional sessions.