University of Maryland Counseling Center

Available Counseling Services

Although the primary mission of the Counseling Center is to serve the students, faculty, and staff of the University of Maryland, the Center does provide various services for members of the larger community.

While short-term individual, group, and couples counseling/psychotherapy can only be offered to students currently registered with the university, the Center does allow anyone, student or not, to be seen for a free Intake/consultation session. During this initial visit you can discuss your concerns with a counselor and see what the best plan of action would be from there. Often, the one consultation session is enough to gain perspective and deal with the problem. If additional sessions are needed/desired, your counselor can provide several referrals to community mental health professionals.

Additionally, the Counseling Service offers a career counseling package for non-students that includes an Intake plus up to four additional sessions. This career counseling package is available for a fee of $200 for non-university-related individuals, or for $125 if you are a university alumnus. The fee includes all counseling sessions and any testing that the counseling might include.

A final counseling service that the Center provides to non-students is potential involvement in one of the Counseling Service's structured or theme-oriented groups. While not a guarantee, you may be able to join one of these groups if there are not enough student members to fill it. Contact the Front Desk at 301-314-7651 to make an Initial appointment or to inquire about any structured/theme group openings.