University of Maryland Counseling Center

Summer & Winter Retention Programs

Designed specifically for students who have been academically dismissed or placed on probation to help students identify the causes of their academic difficulties and develop more effective learning strategies that have proven to lead to academic success.

Program Information

Summer Term - (2013 informational flyer) - offered in Summer Term I, meeting 2-hours per day allowing you to improve your academic skills prior to the fall semester.

Winter Term - (2014 informational flyer) - six day, 3 hours per day, intensive "boot camp"

Course Options: (registration in Testudo):

Non-Credit - course is offered in a workshop option. Students who participate in the non-credit option are still required to complete course assignments. If you would like a letter of recommendation for reinstatement following the completion of the course, you must fulfill all course requirements (assignements/exams).

Credit - offered as a 1-credit course through the College of Education. The course credit can help you get back on track and provide an opportunity for you to raise your GPA.

Course Goals

All students who have been admitted to the University of Maryland are believed to have the potential to graduate; however, many students experiencing academic difficulty due to extenuating circumstances. Student who have been academically dismissed or are on probation often lose their confidence as a result of the situation. Experience has also shown us that otherwise bright individual need to adjust their learning strategies for the rigor of college-level work.

Therefore, the goals of the course are for students to:

  • Gain a clearer understanding about their strengths as a learner
  • To identify what they need to do differently if they are readmitted to the university

Topics include:

  • Goals and motivation

  • Avoiding procrastination

  • How we learn and remember

  • Textbook reading strategies

  • Time management

  • Self-regulated learning

  • Review and rehearsal strategies

  • Exam preparation strategies

  • Academic policies & Campus resources

  • Listening and note-taking

Letters of Reinstatement

For those who have been dismissed, the course provides you with an opportunity to meet individually with a LAS staff member to help you prepare your letter of reinstatement.