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Math Learning Program          (brochure)



Individual Appointments:

The Math Learning Program leads students through the Affective, Behavioral, and Cognitive (ABC) aspects of learning math. Students can ask for a diagnosis of their impediments to learning math by making an appointment with the Math Learning Specialist.

Additional reasons for seeing the Math Learning Specialist:

  • Math anxiety
  • Math learning gaps
  • Desire to earn better math grades
  • Difficulty in meeting math Fundamental Studies requirements
  • Discovery of math learning style


EDCP 108M - Math Study Skills and Building Confidence (1 credit)

  • Designed for students who want to diagnose and address their impediments to learning math or for students studying math education
    • Offered twice during the fall and spring semesters as a half-semester course
    • Designed as an online course & hybrid course
    • Presents the affective, behavioral, and cognitive dimensions of learning math
    • Offers students instruction in study and learning skills, time management, and resources available for success in math.

Strengthen Your Skills for Success in Math Workshops:

These content workshops are designed to enhance students' prerequisite skills related to various math concepts. Workshops will be held on Mondays from 4-5 pm in 2202 Shoemaker. Check the schedule for workshop dates and topics.

Click here for more information or to register (not required).


Math Placement Test Preparation Workshops:

  • Save time and money by placing into a required math course for your major! Click here for more information or to register.

  • Click here to see various Academic Success Series offered by LAS.

    Terp PREP

    Terp PREP is a pre-calculus enrichment program coordinated by the Learning Assistance Service (LAS) and Mathematics Department. Terp PREP prepares students for college-level calculus by reviewing fundamental pre-calculus concepts, teaching effective math learning skills, and providing an introduction to the college learning environment. The program is geared toward incoming first year students or transfer students who must complete the calculus series. Click here for more information about Terp PREP.

    Learning Skills Workshops:

    Monthly learning skills workshops are held in the Learning Assistance Service. These workshops are designed to assist students in reaching their academic goals in their math-based courses. Popular workshops include: preparing for the math placement test, math success at UM, conquering college math exams, and becoming a Fearless Math Learner. The workshop schedule is posted on the Academic Success Series site. Individuals are encouraged to register prior to the workshop to ensure adequate space.

    Are you organizing academic presentations for your group or orginization, or would you like to have a math learning workshop in your course? Request a program online and a workshop can be designed for the needs of your group.


    Checklist for a Successful Math Student:

    Complete this "Checklist for a Successful Math Student" to diagnose your math learning needs. Schedule an appointment with the Math Learning Specialist to discuss your results.