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What It's All About

Welcome to "Paging Dr. WEBster", an online information and referral service provided by the Counseling Center and the Center's Student Advisory Board.

Have you run out of readily available options?? ... don't know where to find out what you're looking for? "Paging Dr. WEBster" seeks to answer your questions on topics such as stress, relationships, drugs and alcohol, academic and career concerns, disability support, campus resources, and much, much more!

But wait!! Before you begin paging Dr. WEBster, check out some of the responses to past questions ... you're likely to find that someone else is dealing with the same dilemna. If not, send us your question, and Dr. WEBster will get back with you as soon as possible. Responses may take up to one week, so if you have a problem that just can't wait, call or go to either the Counseling Center (Shoemaker Building -- 301-314-7651) or the Mental Health Service in the Health Center (301-314-8106).

How It Works

"Paging Dr. WEBster" operates as a question-and-answer forum for the campus. People (such as yourself!) can write in, via e-mail or regular mail, questions they may have regarding counseling issues or general campus information. Unless otherwise requested, these questions and their responses will be posted on this website at the beginning of each week. As we get rolling, responses to previous weeks' questions will also be available. The person writing in will get a personal response as well. All communications are confidential. Names and locations will be disguised either by you or by us, unless you say differently. Check back each week to get the latest in Dr. WEBster's mailbag!

Let's Get Going

OK! Now you know how it works! You're just a mouse click away from getting your questions answered and receiving the help you need. Click on the link below to e-mail your questions.

Dear Dr. WEBster ...

If you prefer, you may send your question to the following address:

Paging Dr. WEBster
Counseling Center
Shoemaker Building
University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742-8111

For the campus community, you can substitute CAMPUS for the lines below Shoemaker Building.

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