University of Maryland Counseling Center

Top Ten Terp Tips

...from Upperclass Students to 1st and 2nd Year Students

  1. Set yourself up to create friendships: be open, know that others are looking for connections just like you are, and step outside of your comfort zone and talk to a wide variety of people.

  2. Join clubs and organizations in which you have a genuine interest to meet people with similar interests and identities.

  3. Enrich your academic life through a few key strategies: establish a rapport with your professors and TAs by speaking up in class and visiting them during office hours, try to work smart and not procrastinate; and identify study strategies that work for you.

  4. Find a balance between exploring new interests and fulfilling core class requirements by asking your advisor to help you navigate this process.

  5. Avail yourself to a variety of "tried-and-true" academic support services, including Learning Assistance Services (LAS), math tutoring in Easton basement, the Writing Center in Tawes, and the Office of Multicultural Student Education (OMSE) in Hornbake.

  6. Sign up to be notified about Career Center services and programming on their website, and be sure to consult them when writing resumes and cover letters.

  7. Don't be afraid to seek support from the Counseling Center for a variety of personal and career concerns. Many students use these services, where the staff members are welcoming and supportive.

  8. Although it may be challenging to return home for winter or summer breaks after establishing more independence at college, try to appreciate your parent(s) or caregiver(s) when you go home (not just for laundry services and home-cooked meals!), and spend some quality time with them.

  9. Be mindful of taking adult responsibility for adult actions, whether it be eating well and exercising, consuming alcohol (if you are of age), or engaging in sexual activity.

  10. Put safety first by always walking with someone if traveling around campus at night, knowing about "nitride," having the UM shuttle on speed dial, and remembering to call auxiliary for a police escort if you are feeling unsafe.

The Student Advisory Board, University Counseling Center 2010-2011