University of Maryland Counseling Center

Parking Information

If you need to park your car when visiting the Counseling Center (Shoemaker Building), there are several options:

  • Parking Meters
    • If you will be at the Center for less than 30 minutes, there is a strip of meters parallel to the parking lot outside the front of the building. These parking spaces are frequently taken, however.
    • There are also parking meters along Regents Drive between the Memorial Chapel and Route 1.

  • Parking Garages and Visitors Lot
    • The university provides a guide to the campus' parking garages and Visitor's Lot. The closest garage to the Counseling Center is the Mowatt Lane Garage, though other garages may be more convenient if you are visiting other areas of campus as well.

  • Parking Lot U4
    • U4 is free of charge after 4:00pm from Monday to Friday and all day Saturday and Sunday (football game day excluded).

Directions from Mowatt Lane Garage and Lot U4 to the Counseling Center:

After parking at Mowatt Parking Garage or Parking Lot U4, go across Prienkert Drive. You will see building SCUB (it is not very obvious), pass through SCUB building and go up the hill; you will see Parking Lot A. Keep going through a small gate to Lefrak Hall. Pass Lefrak, and the back entrance of the Shoemaker Building is in front of you.

UPCCES Parking Information